Broke And Sitting On A Poison Well: Who Can Help?

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Broke And Sitting On A Poison Well: Who Can Help?

1 August 2017
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Sometimes, chemical companies either unwittingly or knowingly poison the ground water supply, the same water that feeds into your well. When you also live below federal poverty guidelines and that well is your only source of "fresh" water, you are dealing with a ticking time bomb you cannot afford to fix. There are personal interest groups and legal groups that can help.

Water Well Testing at a Reduced Cost

The first organization you should seek out is one that offers free or reduced well water help. You will have to prove that you meet poverty guidelines, but then the organization will send someone to your property to test the well. It is better to know that you have poisoned water than to take it on blind faith that your water is fine.

Safe and Affordable Drinking Water

One organization, promoted by the actor Matt Damon, gives impoverished families safe access to clean drinking water, and offers affordable options for making the wells they have clean and pure. If you have already tested your well and discovered that it has been poisoned by a major corporation, contact this organization for help. They will be quick to answer.

Lawyers Working on Contingency for Personal Injury Cases

There have been numerous cases where several people were poisoned or harmed by a company and a legal team pursued a lawsuit against that company. These lawyers are personal injury lawyers. When there are more than ten plaintiffs involved in the same case and all of the plaintiffs have the same or similar complaint, then the lawyers work on contingency. This means that they charge you nothing until they win your case.

If the lawyers lose, they earn nothing for their efforts and they will not make you pay a dime either. First, find out if your neighbors' wells have also been poisoned by the same corporation. Then seek out the correct legal team to help all of you.

Charity Organizations in Your Community

Food pantries and organizations like American Red Cross that provide a lot of relief aid and supplies are also worth tapping for help. When these organizations provide emergency relief to others in need, water is almost immediately the number one item on the trucks. Explaining your situation to local charities will also help get the word out about what is happening to your well and informing others of the situation.

You can learn more about help for your well.